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Stress Management Training

The Stress Management training organized by Tura Turizm gave participants a comprehensive perspective on coping with stress. The training focused on understanding the place of stress in our lives and how it affects us.

Stress in Our Lives: Defining and Coping
In the training, participants assessed the effects of stress in daily life and became more aware of how to identify stress. They learned about the symptoms and possible sources of stress.

Self-Control and Coping with Stress
Participants learned how important self-control is in coping with stress. They learned how to stay calm in times of stress and how to manage negative emotions through practical applications.

Methods to Control Stress
The training covered various ways to control stress. Participants learned practical ways to reduce and control stress. These techniques included breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation exercises.

Participant Feedback
Feedback at the end of the training showed that participants’ awareness of stress management had increased and that they had learned new coping methods. Many participants stated that the training helped them develop skills to cope with stress in a healthier way.

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