Port of Dikili

Welcome to Port of Dikili, a vibrant maritime hub situated in the Aegean region of Turkey. As a leading port operator, Port of Dikili serves as a crucial link between trade, tourism, and transportation, contributing significantly to the economic development of the area. With a dedication to excellence and innovation, the port continues to play a pivotal role in fostering growth and prosperity in the region.

Located strategically in the Aegean region of Turkey, Port of Dikili enjoys a prime position near major transportation networks and tourist attractions. Surrounded by various hotels and significant archaeological sites such as Assos and Pergamon, the port offers easy access to both business travelers and tourists, making it a premier destination in the Aegean.

Port of Dikili provides a comprehensive range of port services tailored to meet the diverse needs of maritime stakeholders. From pilotage and towing services to security and waste management, the port ensures smooth operations and exceptional service quality for both cruise passengers and cargo vessels.

Port of Dikili offers facilities specifically designed to cater to cruise ships, alongside other maritime activities. Featuring dedicated berths for cruise ships, container vessels, and bulk carriers, as well as a modern marina for yachts, the port provides state-of-the-art infrastructure to accommodate various maritime operations. Additionally, the port boasts modern terminal facilities, including passenger terminals, baggage handling areas, and extensive marina amenities, ensuring a seamless experience for cruise passengers and crew alike.

Places of Interest
Dikili is surrounded by numerous significant tourist attractions, including the ancient cities of Assos and Pergamon, offering visitors a blend of historical richness and natural beauty. Additionally, nearby beaches and natural landscapes provide excellent opportunities for visitors to enjoy a relaxing holiday experience.