About Us

Tura Turizm was founded in 1966 in Istanbul. Over the past decades, the company has grown significantly to become one of the biggest inbound & outbound tour operators in Turkey. To date, it has served more than 3 million customers throughout Turkey. Its clients include tour operators, travel agents, conference organizers and cruise lines from 30 different countries worldwide. The company continuously develops its organizational structure and product range in order to exceed the expectations of its customers and meet the needs of the 21st century.

With over 58 years of experience in the travel industry, Tura Turizm is dedicated to professionalism. Headquartered in Istanbul with offices in Kusadasi and Miami, Tura Turizm is suitably positioned to offer unique travel experiences to local and foreign guests. Whether the need is cultural, scenic, adventurous or all three, we are proud to offer the best solution to our clients.

We have a team of experts specializing in:

• Cruises
• Groups
• Conferences & Incentives
• Corporate Events

Over the past years, Tura Turizm has developed an enviable reputation for providing quality services for groups, business and convention visitiors throughout Turkey.
Tura Turizm offers you uniquely different experiences whether cultural, scenic, adventurous or all three. Now with expert staff in Turkey and partners on the ground in many countries, we like to think it’s experience that makes the difference
The company’s core values of innovation, creativity, quality, safety and the all-important personal touch are central to its conduct. Its mission statement: to be our clients’ key to Turkey and ensure all visitors ‘Go with a smile’. Our success lies in our commitment to always think like a guest and act like a leader. We don’t follow the beaten paths, we create new ones.

Because of our core values, Tura Turizm has been granted 75 different awards for its outstanding service and innovation including Seatrade Insider’s “Supplier of the Year” award. Just a few of the characteristic services we provide that have led to our award winning status include:

• Innovative & Exclusive product offerings – The company offers a diverse range of unique products and extra services
• Transportation – We use only the newest equipment
• Tour Guides – We select our team to ensure the only the best guides are used
• Expert Ground Staff – 95% of the team are English-speaking and all are First Aid/CPR trained
• Red Carpet Arrivals – We will literally lay out the red carpet for your guests
• GPS – This allows the tour to be monitored and avoids unnecessary delays from traffic and attraction congestion
• Call Center – Tura office team always knows the location its tours and can avoid congestion at the most popular sites
• Evaluation and Questionnaire Analysis Services – We monitor our results and ensure they are objective

Our goal is to go beyond a standard tour offering and support our product with innovation and a seamless operation. Such extras include:

• A deluxe min-bus specially designed to transport for the physically challenged
• Dedicated Ambulance with an English speaking doctor and nurse on call
• Mobile Toilets
• Eco-friendly electric car in Topkapi Palace
• Private Security Team
• Reenactment of Romans in Ephesus
• 3-D Presentation & Booklet
• Easily identifiable signs, flags, banners, umbrellas, etc. with customized logo

We aim to offer a unique and unforgettable “Turkey” experience to all your guests and want to make sure all your visitors “GO WITH A SMILE”™.

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Our Mission

To provide customer-oriented, creative and high-quality tourism services inland and abroad.

Our Vision

To offer innovative, technologysupported, creative, quality-oriented and customized products that meet the everchanging customer profiles and demands in this world without frontiers.