Tura Turizm Receives GSTC Certification!

Tura Turizm Receives GSTC Certification!

As a pioneer of sustainable tourism, Tura Turizm is proud to announce that we are the first agency in Turkey and Europe to receive the prestigious Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) certification. We are also among the select few agencies worldwide to hold this esteemed certification, which underscores our commitment to sustainable tourism on an international level.

The Future of Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable tourism is vital for the preservation of our planet and local communities. In Tura Turizm, we are committed to offering our travelers unique experiences while preserving natural resources and cultural heritage. The GSTC certification is a testament to our dedication to fulfilling this responsibility.

Why GSTC Certification?
GSTC sets the global standards for sustainable tourism. Obtaining the GSTC certification demonstrates Tura Turizm’s excellence in:

Environmental sustainability: Protecting natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint.
Cultural sustainability: Preserving and supporting local culture and traditions.
Social sustainability: Engaging in social responsibility projects and collaborating with local communities.
Economic sustainability: Contributing to the local economy through sustainable tourism practices and promoting sustainable economic development.
A Step Towards the Future
This significant achievement strengthens Tura Turizm’s leadership in sustainability, while enhancing the quality and responsibility of the services we offer to our customers. We remain committed to providing the best and most sustainable travel experiences to travelers around the world.

Join us in taking a step towards a sustainable future!